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A Triathlon, in winter, in Iowa? How does THAT work?!

January 9, 2018

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Magnesium. What is it and why is it important?

Amanda here, writing today on the topic of the supplement magnesium.  A question that I often am asked as a clinician is: 'What can I be doing for my muscle health?'   While I make varying recommendations based on each patients' health history, etc., one of the recommendations that I frequently make is: 'Start supplementing your diet with magnesium.'  So what is magnesium and why is it important to both sports medicine and wellness?


What Magnesium is:

Magnesium is a mineral and essential nutrient for the body.  While it has benefit to many processes within the human body, its main functions are to keep muscles strong, nerves functioning well, and a healthy heart and bones.  Finally, it also plays a major role in energy level, helping the body to maintain a normal blood sugar level.


Why Magnesium is important:

Magnesium is important because it is crucial to a human body's function.  However, many Americans are deficient in magnesium because of poor diet.  The easiest and best way to make sure you are NOT magnesium deficient is to eat a healthy diet that is rich in foods that naturally contain magnesium.  These foods include: Green, Leafy Vegetables such as Kale and Spinach; Nuts (Every variety); Beans, peas and soybeans; and healthy whole-grains.  Try to eat whole foods as much as possible, because with processing and refining of foods, magnesium is lost through the process.  


Finally, a really good and enjoyable resource to learn more about magnesium is a book I highly and regularly recommend: 'The Miracle of Magnesium' by Carolyn Dean.  You can find it on
Amazon or any book store!


'Without Magnesium we are operating with the power turned-off.' - Dr. Carolyn Dean


Be Well,



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