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Our Services

Active Edge offers a range of professional massage services, including sports and orthopedic massage, fasciablasting, cupping, and hot stone therapy. We are committed to providing exceptional care and treatment to all of our clients. Additionally, we offer NormaTec compression therapy, which can aid in the recovery process for athletes and post-surgery patients.
Massage Therapy
Massage Therapy

At the start of each session, we take into account how you, the client, are feeling on that day. Our treatments are tailored to meet your specific needs and we evaluate what steps are necessary for this session and for future sessions.

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Normatec Treatment

NormaTec is a compression system to aid in recovery from sports and surgery. Compression helps improve blood and lymph flow to your muscles that are constricted. In short if your legs have inflammation NormaTec helps decrease the inflammation that you have.


Cupping is a service offered at Active Edge that promotes increased blood flow to the skin, the body's largest organ. Muscles often become tense and knotted, similar to a kinked water hose. Cupping helps to release that tension and improve blood flow to the muscles and surrounding tissues.


Fasciablasting is a technique that uses a tool to release stubborn muscle tension. The smooth prongs of the tool feel like your muscles are being combed out, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. This treatment is particularly effective for sports recovery.



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Jacqueline R

Having met with Ann, I would recommend her and Active Edge to anyone seeking orthopedic or sports massage or just to ease some aches and pains. Ann takes note and listens to your needs and provides an amazing service!
Massage Therapy

JT Strang

Staff was nice and professional, explained to me what was going on with my back. The massage was one of the best I'd received in my life I will be going again.
Sports Injury

Ashlee S.

Professional and friendly. provided me with excellent TMJ treatment and aftercare. Knowledgeable on treatment itself and was able to explain in a way I fully understood.
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