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It's Flu and Cold Season. What should I do?

Whether we like it or not, the cold and dry weather is here, making it breeding ground for colds and the flu. This year, there seems to be an increased attention to the flu outbreak across the nation. But instead of stressing about contracting any flu or cold illness, here are a few simple things to do that will help decrease your chances of getting sick:

-Get a good nights rest! Not getting enough sleep during the night decreases the immune system's functioning at an optimal level. Experts recommend at least 8 hours of sleep.

-Drink plenty of water and healthy fluids. Homemade orange juice is a good option for a 'healthy fluid'. Avoid sugary drinks such as sodas and loaded coffee beverages, as sugar weakens the immune system.

-Wash and / or sanitize your hands regularly. Keeping a good sanitizer handy in the care, purse, backpack, or bag is a good trick!

-Take Vitamin C. You can find vitamin C in a tablet form at any pharmacy, or also naturally in citrus fruits. You can't take too much, so keep up the intake to strengthen the immune system through your diet!

-Try not to touch surfaces and / or your face unnecessarily. This reduces your chances of transferring any nasty germs that may be on your hands.

-Keep a humidifier handy. Keeping the air around you between 30-50 percent is what is recommended by experts. You can find portable ones that you can keep in your workplace, or on your bedstand. If you have a whole-house humidifier, utilize it!

If you do find yourself coming down with symptoms, DON'T go out unnecessarily. This will help keep other people healthy and stop the spread of the germs. Do contact your primary care provider to get a diagnosis and, if needed, medicine.

If you do have a massage scheduled and are not feeling well, contact your therapist to discuss rescheduling the appointment. Your therapist will appreciate your communication and express concern for your well-being. Typically, receiving a massage treatment when you are having symptoms is not recommended.

If you have any questions, or we may be of further help, please contact our clinic at 515-428-2336 or email Active Edge owner

To your health,


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