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Expanded Menu of Services To Better Serve You!

In case you missed the exciting news, Active Edge recently announced the addition of a partner-therapist: Ann Riesberg! You can see that announcement by clicking on our blog here .

With Ann’s addition to the practice, the clinic menu of services is expanding! One of the most exciting things that Active Edge is now able to offer with our new menu of services is membership options. As healthcare grows and changes, this is an increasingly popular and pro-active option for clients and patients to have greater control over their own healthcare and access to providers in private practice.

A membership option to be a part of Active Edge is completely voluntarily (although it does come with some great perks listed below!), you do NOT have to be a member to be seen at Active Edge. All memberships have included benefits, and there are multiple options listed below.

A membership option includes the following benefits:

1) Treatment appointment monthly at a member-only cost

2) May be instated or ended at any time, there is no long-term or contractual obligation

3) Premium booking options

4) Credits, if they accrue, do NOT expire and may be used for family members. An example of this would be when clients winter outside of Iowa, the credits that they accrue remain on their account for when they return.

If you would like to become a member, there are two simple ways to do so:

  1. Select the ‘membership’ option when you schedule your appointment online OR

  2. Let your provider know when you are in the clinic for your appointment

  3. We will set-it up for you at no additional cost to you!

We are so excited to improve our clinic by expanding options for your care. If you have any additional questions regarding membership, please ask!

As always, if we may be of any assistance to you, please reach out.

Here to serve,

Amanda, Ann, and the entire team at Active Edge

Menu of service items effective Tuesday, March 16, 2021 for partner-therapist Ann Riesberg:

Non-Member Services: Member Services:

30- minute treatment $55 30- minute treatment $45

60- minute treatment $85 60- minute treatment $70

60- minute express treatment $75 60- minute express (50 minute treatment) $60

90- minute treatment $120 90- minute treatment $105

90- minute express treatment $110 90- minute express (80 minute treatment) $95

2- hour treatment $150 2- hour treatment $135

60- minute Hot Stone $120 60- minute Hot Stone $105

90- minute Hot Stone $150 90- minute Hot Stone $135

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