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Get To Know Ann Riesberg!

We are so excited to have new partner-therapist Ann Riesberg join the Active Edge team. Here is a little bit more about Ann, and her story of how she came to Active Edge! These are some of the most regularly askeds questions that patients and people ask Ann, enjoy getting to 'meet' her through this blog post!

Amanda:Why did you become a massage therapist?

Ann: I have always helped people in many ways. It started when I was in preschool and mom was so scared that I might have been taken. I was walking home from preschool when I saw a neighbor needing help with something so I stopped to help. On my way home I walked through our backyards instead of taking the sidewalk home. Helping people grew more from there. I knew as a massage therapist you can help people feel better and help with their pain.

Amanda: What do you love the most about being a massage therapist in healthcare?

Ann: What I love the most about being a healthcare provider is the instant gratification of relieving pain and seeing people's faces when you do so. I love to also hear all the stories people have of their lives.

Amanda: What do you love to do outside of providing care and treatments at the clinic?

Ann: Outside of work I love to spend time with my family Jason, my husband, Jase, our son and our dog Jersey. We spend a lot of time outside walking, blowing bubbles, playing at the park, and running around the house or garage. I also enjoy time spent with family that live out of town. I am always looking for events to go to that are kid friendly like library events and seeing the "Paw Patrol" at Hy-Vee. Last year we spent some time sprucing up our yard, which will continue this year. This year we plan to go back into fishing. As a kid I spent a lot of time fishing with my dad.

Amanda: What is something fun that people may not know about you?

Ann: Something fun that a lot of people don't know about me is I use to collect keychains. I had over 500 keychains. It started because someone sent me a license plate keychain with my name on it. I was going to collect one from each state. When that seemed to be harder to do I just collected freebees and usually spent time at Walmart looking through keychains.

I also love playing board or card games and many times I would sit and play against myself as my sister didn't want to join me. My mom always said that I could entertain myself.

Amanda: Who do you look up to?

Ann: I look up to my Grandfather. My Grandpa Art was more like a father to my sister and I. He loved us so very much. We would help him plant his garden every year. In his garden the one thing he planted just for us was peas. He called us his little pea pickers. We would head to the garden and eat the peas right out of the pod. His garden was at least twice the size of our whole office.

Before either my sister or I could learn to drive Grandpa made us change the oil in a vehicle, change a tire and check fluids and belts to make sure we knew how to maintain a vehicle.

He was a veteran and mechanic, husband, father and grandfather.

Thank you for sharing your story with us Ann!

If you would like to contact Ann directly, please call the clinic at 515-412-0073 or email her at

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