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Massage treatments in the Summer

Massage Tx in the Summer

Many licensed massage therapists see trends when it comes to when people get massage. For me, I see an uptick of sports massages, and a slow down on maintenance massage treatments in the summer. I think this is for many different reasons, some obvious, but some reasons may just be misconceptions. I’d like to share a small list of reasons to seek massage care in the hot months:

  1. Higher temps and higher humidity means swelling for some, and regular massage is a great way to help support your circulation, and reduce swelling

  2. Maintain and increase energy levels in the heat

  3. Promote cell recovery 

  4. Keep skin moisturized 

  5. Support immune and lymphatic systems

  6. Blood pressure support 

  7. Mental health support 

While these reasons are good reasons year round, the heat can be especially hard on the body. Mental health ebbs and flows for us all, all year. In the summer I find people are more stressed about kids, vacations, increased costs (travel, daycare, air conditioning, gas), and time. Massage treatments are a wonderful self-care tool, even if it’s just 30 minutes a month.

If you associate massage with being warm and that is turning you off– tell us! We can turn off the table warmer, get a lighter blanket, and even use cooling tools such as cool stones or cool face masks! If you have any questions about massage, please email us at We are never here to judge you or your questions, we are always here to listen and answer to the best of our knowledge! 

-Paige Fisher, LMT

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