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Hello and High Five!

At the IMT Des Moines Marathon Scheel's Sports and Fitness Expo this past weekend in Downtown Des Moines, I had the opportunity to learn more about a local small business that is geared towards runners and athletes and is owned by another female entrepreneur, Claire Richmond. Claire lives in the Des Moines metro and owns 'Hello and High Five', a SUPER cute and fun greeting card company. Claire designs all of the cards herself, and you can purchase the cards by either going online to or by checking out these local retailers: Kyle's Bikes in Ankeny, Fleet Feet Sports in Des Moines, and Bike World in Urbandale and West Des Moines. These cards are great for your family or friends who are either training for or have just finish an athletic event, or just need some all around encouragement or love. I LOVE her products and also that I am supporting another locally-owned small business! Check them out! --Amanda

Go to to check out the selection!

The cards are fun and really cute!

Amanda with Claire, a fellow runner and female entrepreneur

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