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FAQ: How Often Should I Get a Sports Massage?

A frequently asked question that we receive in our clinic is, 'How Often Should I get a Sports Massage?'

The answer is highly variable, as it depends upon several different factors. In order to answer that question, therapists take into consideration several items, including:

1) Health History, such as any recent trauma, injury, or surgeries

2) Athlete performance schedule, including upcoming races or events

3) Any other outlying factors, including work, family schedule, travel, etc.

For example, to a client who has just experienced a knee replacement and is working towards graduating from physical therapy, we would recommend shorter sessions more frequently. For a healthy triathlete training for their third Ironman competition, longer sessions spread a little bit further apart in order to keep the tissue healthy and injury-free would be recommended.

A good rule of thumb is, at a minimum, a half-hour treatment once a month. This will allow the therapist to fine-tune any imbalances that your body is experiencing, and allow you to stay healthy, active, and pain-free.

Whatever your needs are, your sports massage therapist will be able to work with you in order to recommend a treatment schedule that is optimal for your goals and outcome.

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