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Meet the Owner of Active Edge!

Happy Thursday Friends! Amanda here, and in this blog post, I wanted to share a little bit more about myself, and how I got to here! These are some of most regularly asked questions that patients and people ask me, so here it goes! Enjoy!

Q: 'Why did you become a massage therapist?'

A: 'I have always loved learning, and problem solving. When I was in school, math was my favorite subject. I enjoyed the way that things connected, and the beauty in coming to a solution for a problem. I studied actuarial science at Drake University, and graduated with a BSBA from Drake's College of Business and Public Administration. After graduation, I moved to Colorado to work with a non-profit as a realized while at Drake that I didn't love actuarial work. While in Colorado, I really became interested and started understanding complementary and alternative medicine, which is widely accepted in that state. I returned to Iowa after I got married (LOVE, it will make you do CRAZY things like move back to your home roots after living in an AMAZING place!), and found myself seeking a new path as there was not an equivalent job in Central Iowa for my position that I left in Colorado. I incorporated massage therapy into my own healthcare, and enjoyed the work, and my husband suggested that I look into that career path. I did, and found that I LOVED the work once I started school. As I have grown as a therapist and clinician, I greatly enjoy problem solving with our patients' health challenges, and being a part of their lives and wellness journeys.'

Q: 'What do you enjoy about being in private practice?'

A: 'The thing that I love the most about being in private practice is being able to control the quality of care that Active Edge patients' receive. It is what I like to call 'The Active Edge Difference'. I know that there are many massage therapists in our area, but few specialize in the work that Active Edge does, and respect and value their patients to the extent that Active Edge does. I consider it a privilege to serve each of our patients, and an honor to be a part of their lives through massage healthcare.'

Q: 'What do you enjoy doing outside of practicing full-time?'

A: 'I often joke that I am never running out of things to do, and it is so true! In addition to practicing and teaching continuing education through The American Sports Massage Academy, I am continually training for triathlons, half-marathons, serving on various boards in the Central Iowa area about causes which I am passionate, and spending time with my wonderful and large family. My husband and I are both native Iowans, and have siblings, cousins, and now nieces and nephews all over the state which we enjoy visiting and celebrating milestones with. We are also active members in our church fellowship.'


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